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Antique Phonograph Monthly
Published 1973-1993

Antique phonograph monthly was founded and edited by collector and researcher Allen Koenigsberg. During its years of publication, it was the premier journal for collectors of early sound and phonographs. APM featured original research, book reviews, an 'ask the editor' feature, and classifieds.

Record Research
Published 1955-1995

Record Research was founded in 1955 by Len Kunstadt, an unofficial extension of 'Record Changer' magazine. The magazine was mostly discographical research into recording labels and series and dates and personnel, but also frequently spread into editorials and opinions, subject discographies, historical and biographical research, and even a long-running comic panel.
Victrola and 78 Journal

Victrola and 78 Journal
Published 1994-1998

The Victrola and 78 Journal was edited and published by Tim Gracyk between 1994 and 1998. Within 13 issues over four years, the magazine became a powerhouse of original research about pioneer record labels and artists, attracting many of the same researchers as the two magazines above. 'Top Ten' lists of recordings and book and CD reviews also included in each issue.

 New Amberola Graphic

New Amberola Graphic
Published 1967-2000

New Amberola Graphic was founded and edited by Martin F. Bryan of St. Johnsbury VT. It focused primarily on the acoustic and early electric periods of recording history ~1900-1930. It featured biographical and discographical research, reprints of old news stories, advertisements and brochures, information about collecting, repairing and maintaining acoustic talking machines, book reviews, obituaries, and classifieds and auction lists.


Talking Machine Review
Published 1969-1996
(In progress)

The Talking Machine Review International was founded by Ernie Bayly in 196
9. Despite the name, the magazine covered label histories and discography, artist biographies, and advice on collecting and playing records. It was published in England but featured writing from the US and Europe as well, and was marketed to an international audience.
78 Quarterly
Published 1967-2005?

78 Quarterly was founded by collector Pete Whelan (who also created the reissue label Origin Jazz Library). It started in 1967, but most of the series was published between 1988 (issue 3) and 2005? (issue 12).

It seems to have permanently concluded publication, but it leaves a legacy as one of the greatest periodicals for blues and hot jazz collectors.

Recording the Blues
Robert Dixon & John Godrich
Stein & Day (1970)

An exploration into the early blues recording industry, and how the success of early blues records paved the way for other forms.

Two-Minute Brown Wax and XP Cylinder Records of the Columbia Phonograph Company
Compiled by Kenneth M. Lorenz
Kastlemusick (1981)

A discography of the Columbia Phonograph Company's Cylinder output, 1896-1909. As far as I know, this is the most up-to-date research on the second most prolific publisher of cylinder records. I'm not sure why...

The Development of the Phonograph in America
Allen G. Debus
Self published, 1949

An enjoyable and well-researched history of the phonograph by historian Allen G. Debus. It focuses on the acoustic era, but covers up until the introduction of the microgroove LP, one year before its publication.

Cylinder Records (2nd Ed.)
Duane D. Deakins
Self published, 1958

An early collectors' guide to cylinder records. Published in 1958 before the proliferation of record collectors' magazines in the '60s & '70s, 'Cylinder Records' was an important milestone in establishing credibility for amateur researchers and self-publishing.

Edison Standard Index
Duane D. Deakins
Self published, ca. 1959

Vol. 2 of Deakins' 'Comprehensive Cylinder Record Index', listing Edison Standard (brown wax), Gold Moulded, and Wax Amberol cylinders (1898-1912). Includes artist and title indexes and approximate release dates.


Edison Blue Amberol Index
Duane D. Deakins
Self published, ca. 1960

Vol. 3 of Deakins' 'Comprehensive Cylinder Record Index' listing Edison Blue Amberol cylinders (1912-1929).


The Indestructible Record Company: A Listing of American & British Two & Four-Minute Cylinders 1907-1922
H.H. Annand
Self published, 1970

The title pretty much sums it up. A listing of the cylinder records of the Indestructible Record Company.