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Victrola and 78 Journal

Victrola and 78 Journal was edited and published by Tim Gracyk from 1994 to 1998. It was one of the best of its kind, and a perfect illustration of the collaborative culture of collecting and studying records. For better or worse, collectors' magazines and journals tended to be home-brew affairs. The writing and research is professional, but most of the scholars have day jobs (to support the habit?). This is great, because it keeps the hobby approachable, but it means that the literature are not treated as academic journals, and not archived or included in academic databases.

Thanks to Tim's generous assent, I've scanned each issue of the journal and uploaded the scans to Each cover image below links to these pages. If you'd like to download the whole archive at once, right click the link below, and 'save as'. If you find the information entertaining or useful, I encourage you to email Tim or reach out to any of the other contributors as appropriate.

Download "Victrola and 78 Journal" (13 PDF files, 822mb total)

Issue 1 - Summer 1994

Editor's Comments
References to Gramophones in American Literature - Tim Gracyk
My Ten Most Played 78 Records - Tim Gracyk, Charles Arnhold, Bill Knorp, David Banks, David Rocco, Kurt Nauck, Jerryl Neher
Three Records I Don't Own and Wish I Did - Charles Arnhold
A Tribute to Emilio de Gorgoza
Protecting Victrola Tungs-Tone Stylus Tins - Ron Pendergraft
Who Knows? - Charles Arnhold - (Seeking information on four records)
Book Review: Rick Kennedy's "Jelly Roll, Bix and Hoagy"
Why Ever Did They Bother? - Bert Williams' "Save a Little Dram for Me"
CD Review: "Music from the New York Stage: 1890-1920"
African-Americans who Recorded Before 1920

Issue 2 - Fall 1994

Editor's Comments
Tin Pan Alley and the Beginning of Jazz - Tim Gracyk
The First Blues 78s - Jas Obrecht
Texts for Early Speech Recordings - David A. Banks
Some Announcements for Opera Recordings - Charles Arnhold
My Ten Most Played Acoustic 78s - Mike Sherman
Ten Great Records of Female Singers - Arthur E. Knight
Ten Indispensable Records - William R. Moran
My Ten Most Played 78s - Warren Hodgdon, Charles Riddell, Neil T. Corning, Marty Hobbs, Carl N. Schueler
Who Knows? (Questions for Readers)
A Look at S.H. Dudley, Recording Pioneer - Tim Gracyk
Adjusting the Doors on the Orthophonic Credenza and the 8-4 Models - Ron Pendergraft
CD Review: Ruby Helder: "The Girl Tenor" - Recordings 1908-21. Review by Charles Arnhold
CD Review: Masters of Turkish Music. Review by Steven Phipps
The Elephant Disc - And About Other Illustrations

Issue 3 - Winter 1994

Nick Lucas: A Conversation with the Crooning Troubadour - Jas Obrecht
Nick Lucas: How Some Young People Respond Today - Tim Gracyk
The First Solo Guitar Recording? - Tim Gracyk
Adjusting the Pneumatic Lid Supports on the Credenza - Ron Pendergraft
Lead Belly and Vernon Dalhart: Rooted in Texarkana - Sean Killeen
Collecting Legends - David Banks
Editor's Comments - Tim Gracyk
Edison Brake Voltage - Bob Waltrip
Phantoms of the Opera: Observations on a Few Columbia Cylinders and Little Wonders - L.E. Andersen
Modern Equipment that Delivers Great Sound from 78s - Charles Arnhold
Who Knows?
My Ten Most Played 78s - Barry R. Ashpole
Our Fifteen Most Played 78s - Tom and Virginia Hawthorn
Ten Most Played Scrolls (Victor 'Scroll' Label) - Tom Rhodes
Ten Favorite 78s - Richard Gesner
Book Review: From Tinfoil to Stereo. Reviewed by Tim Gracyk
Book Review: Look for the Dog, 4th ed. Reviewed by Robert W. Baumbach
Book Review: Sir Harry Lauder Discography. Reviewed by David Banks
Miracles Do Happen (Obscure John McCormack Recordings)- Neil T. Corning


Issue 4 - Spring 1995

Caruso's Weakest Recordings - Charles Arnhold
Brief Notes on Victor Matrix Numbers - William R. Moran
African American Recording Pioneers - Jas Obrecht
Lieut. Jim Europe's 369th Infantry Jazz Band - Floyd Levin
Eight Popular Victor Artists - Tim Gracyk
False Starts and Phantom Labels: A Look at Some Phonographic Lost Causes - Allan Sutton
Listening to the Orthophonic: Part 1 - Tom Rhodes
Glass Diaphragms vs. Mica - Bob Waltrip
Ten Most Often Played Records - Martin Bryan
Ten All-Time Favorite Records - L.E. Andersen
Ten Most Hated 78s - Steven Phipps
Ten Favorite 78s - Bob Foster
Ten Most Played Cylinders - Leon Katzinger
Book Review: Edison Cylinder Phonograph Companion (George Frow). Reviewed by Tim Gracyk
CD Review: Louis with Fletcher Henderson (1924-1925). Reviewed by Floyd Levin
My Encounter with Rudy Vallee - Ron Pendergraft


Issue 5 - Summer 1995

Cheney Talking Machines: A Violinist's Sound Chamber - R.J. Wakeman
Rescuing the World's Oldest Recording - Aaron Cramer
George W. Johnson - Jas Obrecht
Victor's Electric Motors: Universal Motor vs. Induction Disc - Ron Pendergraft
Those Aggravating Aliases -- Again - L.E. Andersen
Bert Williams' Imitators - Allan Sutton
Life After Victor: Cooking with the Dixieland Jug Blowers - Allan Sutton
The Sammy Herman Interview: Memories of Billy Murray - Peter Dilg and Lew Green
Ten 78s Played for Emma - Tim Gracyk
Ten Favorite 78s - Brian Rust
Ten Most Hated 78s - Brian Rust
Ten Favorite 78s - Bill Shaman
Ten Favorite Jazz and Dance Records - Melanie Thompson
Ten Most Played 78s - William H. Cole
Ten Most Cherished 78s - Dick Triptow
Editor's Comments
My First Experiences with Old Phonographs - Jerryl Neher
Book Review: Encyclopedia of Recorded Sound in the U.S. (Marco)
Book Review: Giuseppe de Luca - A Discography (Shaman). Reviewed by David Banks
Theo Karle: Brunswick Recording Artist - Neil Corning


Issue 6 - Summer 1995 (II)

Victor Tungs-Tone and Fibre Needles - Ron Pendergraft
More on Needles - Tom Rhodes
The First Jazz Record of All? - Brian Rust
More Notes on the ODJB's First Recording - Tim Gracyk
Polk Miller's Old South Quartette - Jas Obrecht
Billy Murray's Friendships with Some Record Collectors - Frank Hoffman
A Tribute to Nat Shilkret - Tim Gracyk
Tracking Peerce's Bluebird - Emil R. Pinta
More Pseudonym Mysteries - Dave Rocco
The Chicago "Premium" Brands - Allan Sutton
"Lucky Stars": Experiences of the Metropolitan Opera Company During the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire - Virginia L. Hawthorn
Editor's Comments
Victor Records and Machines I Remember from Early Childhood - Bill Knorp
Ten Favorite Non-Jazz 78s - Brian Rust
Ten Most Played Blues 78s - Gayle Dean Wardlow
Ten Most Listened-To Recordings - Larry Jeannette
Ten Most Played 78 Records - R.J. Wakeman
Ten Favorite V.E. Victors - Jim Barr
Ten Favorite Pioneer Recordings - Martin Maas
Book Review: Berliner Gramophone Records: American Issues 1892-1900 (Charosh). Reviewed by Tim Gracyk
CD Review: "Crumb" OST. Reviewed by Tim Gracyk
CD Review: La Grande Époque. Reviewed by Charles Arnhold
CD Review: Quality Shout, by Vince Giordano's Nighthawks. Reviewed by Tim Gracyk
Blue Amberols by John McCormack - Ron Dethlefson


Issue 7 - Winter 1996 (Early)

Hawaiian Recordings: The Early Years - L.E. Andersen & Malcolm Rockwell
Jurassic Park Jazz - Brian Rust
The First Song to Refer to Jazz - Frank Powers
Further Notes on "Jass" - Tim Gracyk
Guitar on 78s and Cylinders: A Survey of Pioneering Efforts - Dick Spottswood
John Herzog: A Tribute to a Phonograph Manufacturer - Ronald J. Putz
Lubricating Pneumatic Lid Supports - Ron Pendergraft
"In the Land of Harmony": A History of The American Quartet - Frank Hoffman
Saunders King: S.K.'s Blues - Jas Obrecht
A Look at Evan Williams - Bryan Sale
Ten 78s I Play a Lot - Nolan Porterfield
Ten Favorite "Electric" 78s - Mark Mitchell
Ten Favorite Vernon Dalhart 78s (At this Moment) - Jack Palmer
Ten Most Played Records - Barry Cheslock
Ten Most Played Records - Jerry Donnell
Most Played Electric Diamond Discs - Doug Olds
Tram: The Frank Trumbauer Story (Evans & Kiner). Review by Tim Gracyk
Vince Giordano and Buster Keaton - Tim Gracyk
Book Review: Encyclopedia of Vaudeville (Slide). Reviewed by David Banks
Book Review: Tantalizing Tingles: A Discography of Early Ragtime, Jazz and Novelty Syncopated Piano Recordings 1889-1934 (Laird). Reviewed by Tim Gracyk
CD Review: Bo Grumpus, Vol. 3. Reviewed by Tim Gracyk
CD Review: "Have You Heard It?" - Edison Blue Amberol Recordings. Reviewed by Tim Gracyk
CD Review: Oriental Illusions. Reviewed by Tim Gracyk
CD Review: "Hot Dance of the Roaring 20s" Edison Laterals 3. Reviewed by Tim Gracyk


Issue 8 - Spring 1996

A Tribute to Marion Harris - George Wagner & Tim Gracyk
In Pursuit of the First "Jazz" Song - Mike Montgomery
Harry A. Yerkes, Mystery Man - Brian Rust
Early Zon-O-Phones: Thick Discs - David Rocco
A.C. Gilbert and the Bob-O-Link Record - Allan Sutton
An Introduction to The Talking Machine World
Sound-Box Restoration - David Spanovich
Encyclopedia of Popular Recording Pioneers - Tim Gracyk & Frank Hoffmann
Collins and Harlan - Tim Gracyk & Frank Hoffman
Billy Murray: The Early Years - Frank Hoffman
Handy's "St. Louis Blues": An American Classic - Tom Morgan
Editor's Comments
Anne Lenner: "Sing for your Supper" - Charles Hippisley-Cox
Corrections to The Encyclopedia of Recorded Sound Book Review
Index to the Music Columns of Hobbies Magazine - Richard Arsenty

CD Reviews:
Swinging Down the Lane: Isham Jones & Orch.
Francesco Tamagno: Complete Recordings 1903-1904
A Ragtime Primer
Phil Harris: Echoes from the Cocoanut Grove

Book Reviews:
Al Jolson Bio-Discography - Kiner & Evans
My Parabola - Titta Ruffo
America on Record: A History of Recorded Sound - Andre Millard


Issue 9 - Summer 1996

Brunswick Enters the Phonograph Field - R.J. Wakeman
Ultona Tonearm and Reproducer - R.J. Wakeman
Knocking on Doors for 78s: Buying Race Records in the South - Gayle Wardlow
King of Ragtime Guitar: Blind Blake and his Piano-Sounding Guitar - Jas Obrecht
Billy Murray: The Final Years - Frank Hoffman
Pioneers C.H.H. Booth and J.J. Fisher - Tim Gracyk
Early Wax Cylinders at the Edison National Historic Site
The Delpheon Talking Machine - Ronald J. Putz
America's "Little Record" Fad - Allan Sutton
A Red Seal by Any Other Name - Allan Sutton
Will Oakland - Tim Gracyk & Frank Hoffman
Editor's Comments

Lists of 'Ten Most Played 78s'
Dick Spottswood, Colin J. Bray, T. Malcom Rockwell, Kurt Vrabel, James Hedges, Charles Arnhold, Dan Nichols, Sherman R. Emery

Book Reviews
The Compleat Talking Machine - Eric Reiss
World War I Songs - Frederick G. Vogel
The Fred Waring Discography - Peter T. Kiefer

CD Reviews
57 Different Kinds of Blues
Before the Blues, Vol. 1-3
Cornet Solos by Pioneer American Recording Artists
The Columbia House Bands: Fred Rich & Ben Selvin

Issue 10 -Winter 1996 (Late)

263 Machines and their Makers: 1916-1923 - R.J. Wakeman
Papa Charlie Jackson - Jas Obrecht
The Cameo Record Corporation - Allan Sutton
Eldridge R. Johnson's First Numbered Record - Allan Sutton
Restoring Your Victrola's Appearance - David Spanovich
The Kansas City Talking Machine Co. and its "Original" Recordings of 1898
John Fletcher: From Sousa's Band to Black Swan - Allan Sutton
Editor's Comments

Lists of 'Ten Most Played 78s'
Gary A. Lynch, Tom Ball, Ron Pendergraft, Kai-Uwe Garrels, Michael R. Pitts, Matt Mintzell

Book Reviews
Columbia Phonograph Companion, Vol. 2 - Robert W. Baumbach
Luisa Tetrazzini: The Florentine Nightingale - Charles Nelson Gattey
King of Ragtime: Scott Joplin and his Era - Edward A. Berlin

CD Reviews
Emmett Miller: The Minstrel Man from Georgia
A Survey of CDs Featuring Bill Monroe
Masters of the Xylophone: George Hamilton Green and Joe Green


Issue 11 - Spring 1997

The First Columbia "Victrola" - Robert W. Baumbach
Record Labels: A Collector Ponders Their Origins and Production Methods - Nolan Porterfield
Rev. Robert Wilkins - Jas Obrecht
Brunswick Records: The Early Years - R.J. Wakeman
The Lost and Found ASCAP "Cavalcade of Music" Recordings - David A. Banks
Phonograph Monthly Review: A Forgotten Publication? - Tim Gracyk
Recording Becomes Electric - Allan Sutton
Noble Sissle's Pathé Recordings (1917-1921) - Allan Sutton
The Six Brown Brothers - Bruce Vermazen
The Ada Jones Cylinder Listing - Compiled by Milford Fargo
How Late did Columbia use Brown Wax? - Tim Gracyk
Editor's Comments

CDs & Books Reviewed
Echoes of the Ozarks, Vol. 1 & 2 - Reviewed by Frank M. Young
Moanin' Low: A Discography of Female Popular Vocal Recording, 1920-1933 (Ross Laird) - Reviewed by Tim Gracyk
Singers of the Century (John B. Steane) - Reviewed by Charles Arnhold
Black Swan: The Record Label of the Harlem Renaissance - Reviewed by Tim Gracyk


Issue 12 - Winter 1997-1998

Victor in the West: The Oakland Pressing Plant - William J. Nicolson
Sylvester Weaver - Jas Obrecht
Brunswick's Acoustic Era Phonographs - R.J. Wakeman
Brunswick vs. Victor: The Legal Battles - R.J. Wakeman
Continuation of The Brunswick Story: The Company Responds to Radio - R.J. Wakeman
Ten Most Played 78s - Pete Whelan
Ten Favorite 78s - Houston Maples
Ten Favorite 78s - Howard Sanner
The Emerson Phonograph Company - Allan Sutton

Reviews of Books, CDs, etc.
The Talking Machine: An Illustrated Compendium - Fabrizio & Paul
Edison Blue Amberol Recordings, 1912-1914 - Dethlefson
The 1903 Grand Opera Series - Reviewed by Charles Arnhold
American Premium Record Guide, 1900-1965, 5th Ed. - Les Docks
Since Records Began, EMI: The First Hundred Years - Martland
Two Minute Cylinders, Vol. 3 - Reviewed by Tim Gracyk
Tiny Parham 1928-30 - Reviewed by Frank M. Young
Last Cavalier: The Life and Time of John A. Lomax - Porterfield


Issue 13 - Autumn 1998

Brunswick's "Light-Ray" and Panatrope Era -- And Beyond - R.J. Wakeman with Tim Gracyk
Announcement by V78J's Editor
Art Hickman, Dance Band Pioneer - Bruce Vermazen
Homer Rodeheaver: Pioneer of Sacred Records - Bob Olson
The Life and Writing Career of Ulysses "Jim" Walsh - Tim Gracyk
Ten Favorite 78s - Allan Dodge
Curious Songs from my Dalhart Collection - Jack Palmer
Ten Reasons Why I Collect 78s: Favorites of Mine - Frank M. Young
Ten Records That Were Favorites When I Was a Child - Bob Olson
Sorting Out Puritan: An Investigation of Paramount's Sister Label - Allan Sutton
The Bridgeport Die & Machine Co.
Victor's Spring-Balanced Lid Supports - Ron Pendergraft
Book Review: The Red Nichols Story - After Intermission (1942-1965) (Evans, Hester, Hester & Evans). Reviewed by Tim Gracyk
CD Review: Anthology of American Folk Music, compiled by Harry Smith. Reviewed by Frank Young