My blog was the original incarnation of this site, and will continue to be my primary outlet for research findings and random musings. Tumblr, while wonderful for blogging, is not suitable for storing reference materials as follow.

I anticipate the history page will become one of the most fruitful, and correspondingly cluttered parts of this site. Here I will discuss the histories of important American musical forms, recording technologies, record labels, and eventually, hopefully, some selected artists.

The resources page is a web-bibliography of resources I'm interested in that you might also be interested in. Categories include podcasts, record labels and collectors' resources.

Links to LP and 78rpm transfers, magazine scans, etc.

This page will interest archivists and collectors who intend to preserve their collections via digital reformatting. This includes suggestions about equipment and signal path, and record storage and cleaning.

How copyright laws apply to historical sound recordings, and how to minimize the risk of using or distributing copyrighted works.